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Prenatal Services-I am there for you from the moment you choose me as your doula. During your pregnancy I meet with you, your partner, and other possible members of your birth team. I pour into everyone, not just the expectant mom. I teach breathing techniques, birthing positions, and more. But most importantly, I get to know you. I learn what makes you happy and what upsets you, what comforts you and what disturbs you, and overall how we can best work together!

(Photo of actual client, used with permission.

Photo credit goes to Caelen Phillips Photography)

Continuous Labor and Birth Support-I am there for you at the onset of labor until at least two hours postpartum. I will join you when you and your partner are ready. I will provide physical assistance and comfort, position advice, rebozo support, on the spot education, and more! After the baby is born I stand back as you and your partner bond with the baby. I can help with initial breastfeeding latch. Should there be a need for the baby to be separated from mom, I don't leave mom's side. I will also capture all these precious moments through camera if desired by the family!

Fourth Trimester Services-Your moments when you bring the baby home are super precious, but can be overwhelming and exhausting. I will help make your life easier through nurturing and education. Postpartum services can begin the day your baby is born through three months old. My services include meal prep, light housekeeping, assistance with recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing, breastfeeding, and so much more! I educate on all the fancy baby gear and baby-wearing. I teach family members the ins and outs of adding this new family member, and help them learn how to best soothe and help the new mom. I am also trained to know the signs of postpartum depression and can offer referrals as needed. When I am with you, your family is my priority!

I offer day and overnight shifts, and pricing varies depending on hours booked. 

Additional Services-I also offer placenta encapsulation, belly casting, and placenta prints. You can add these on to your package if you are already a client. At this time, I do not offer them a la carte.