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It's a common question I hear, "Do you volunteer your services?" I hear this from single moms, military moms, teenage moms, and families just going through a tough time looking for professional support during their birth.

Not every woman is able to afford doula services. There are many different reasons as to why. My heart is to make sure that every woman receives care and support from a birth professional, regardless of economic or marital status. Blessing my services is one way of giving back to my community and showing others that they are loved and important. I personally volunteer my services for up to three births a year. I do not get reimbursed financially for these. However, I do screen for these and make sure that the need is real and that I would be of benefit to them. 

I do accept donations to lessen the burden on my family. Please consider helping with expenses. When I gift my services, I still give them 100% of me which means I still need to cover expenses for gas, time and childcare. With your donation, I am still able to do all of this without using money from other areas of our budget.

Thank you for your heart that is willing to help moms and their families have a doula present for their birth! The link below goes to PayPal, just use my email I am also set up to receive payments via Venmo at @bebelievedoula, Cash App at $bebelieve, or Zelle using Thank you for your blessing! 


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