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My Vision Statement

My business theme is serenity and I want to help you create the peace and tranquility that serenity brings. I believe that women need to be heard in the birthing room and I educate on how to advocate, which in turn causes peace and calmness knowing you are educated and prepared. I desire to make your experience the best that it can be, with the least amount of stress and worry!


I promise to stay up to date on techniques, strategies, classes and technology that will allow me to provide the utmost service possible, and pass on the knowledge that I learn to my clients.


I strive to provide a higher standard of care and support for the mother and her family. I promise to be non-judgmental, and support mom and her partner with their choices and preferences. I will not only be your doula, but the one you can always count on to have your very best interest at heart, and desire to help you achieve your plans and goals.

My Logo and it's story!

It was almost two years of having my business before I birthed my logo. I drew this myself one day as I was thinking of the real meaning behind my business. The main point is Christ in the center, enhanced as a cross. At the roots of my heart I am a doula, which is why it is placed in the area that nourishes the entire tree. The tree of life, to represent new life (and placentas). The wisps on the tree represent that life goes in all different directions but always leads back to the Creator of life. I take a lot of pride in my logo and the story that it carries! Thank you for reading~


Why did I choose the name beBelieve?

I get asked a lot what my name means, and how to pronounce it. It is pronounced be (and then) believe.

beBé is the baby. Believe is my motto. Believe in yourself, believe in the process, believe in nature, believe that God created your body to birth your baby. Believe for yourself and believe for your baby!

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